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Annalou is an interdisciplinary artist, tattooer, performer, maker, nuerodivergence and mental health advocate. Her philosophy of tattooing is to actively listen, then interpret the individual's needs into a lasting, one-of-a-kind piece and experience. She is empathetic and friendly and can tattoo most styles. Her favorite styles include children's book illustration, vivid color, kitsch pop, horror, Vaudeville, punk, vintage naturalist, Victorian witch, geometric, fine line, script, historical art replication and minimalism or abstract.

Artist statement: Neurodivergent artist obsessed with making things. Visual minded. Color connected. Overactive imagination. Vivid dreamer. I like to be scared, I'm scarred, but my scars hold magic. Exaggeration coach. Extreme emotions and personal human connection inform my artistic expression.

"I love to give people the custom tattoo that will give them joy, confidence, beauty, humor, or healing. Whether it's a small token that takes 15 minutes or a large, multi-session project that takes months, I give personal attention to each tattoo I make." - Annalou

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